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  • Nautilus is a programme for secure telephony over modem/GSM or TCP/IP. See also on Wikipedia. Available for Linux and Windows (32 bit). Originally written in 1995 by Bill Dorsey, Andy Fingerhut, Paul Rubin, Bill Soley and David Miller.
    The name is derived from Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". In this novel the submarine "Nautilus" is able to sink the "Clipper ship" - an allusion to the NSA's "Clipper chip"
    The original authors have ended maintenance. We maintain the software out of historical interest and for educational use. To meet today's security requirements, the code would need a complete security audit.
  • Find a secure, simple and collaborative Web solution for small non profit groups and write a good setup and operations how-to document for it.

    New vulnerabilities are constantly found in the major CMSes. So a CMS needs constant maintenance (monitoring, applying patches, etc). Small non profit groups do not have the time, expertise or money to securely maintain a CMS. This makes their internet presence vulnerable to attacks, ranging form "defacement" to adding embarrassing, compromising, or even illegal content to their web site. We think these users need a secure, simple and collaborative Web solution.

    Our goal is to find a sensible combination of standard free software components that would fulfill these requirements.

    We think that a solution could be a light-weight online CMS that is only accessible for authenticated users. This CMS would produce static HTML pages that then are uploaded to a public web presence on a different host. Any standard web hosting package would be usable here.



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